First Certificate Exam

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First Certificate Exam

Postby icx » 2005-10-08, 12:50

Have you ever took the exam? How was it?

What do you know about it? I think I am going to take it in the next summer. 8)


Postby Brenda » 2005-10-19, 18:15

I'm planning to take it the upcoming year.
I have many friends who are terrified about it cause they're taking it this December, but I think it won't be a difficult test since people with very poor knowledge of English don't have problems with the exam.
Anyway, I'll ask my friends as soon as they have done it in order to know how it is... I mean, what sort of things they ask you to do et al.

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Postby Dminor » 2005-10-19, 18:19

What have I missed? :oops:

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