Difference in the two ''r's'' in ''rare'' in rhotic accents.

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Difference in the two ''r's'' in ''rare'' in rhotic accents.

Postby SpaceFlight » 2005-08-15, 0:14

Don't the two r's in ''rare'' sound differently phonetically in rhotic accents? I read somewhere that the first ''r'' in ''rare'' was a labialized ''r''. Thus, wouldn't a more accurate transcription of ''rare'' in rhotic accents be [r\_wEr\] rather than [r\Er\], because I can clearly hear a difference between the two ''r's'' in ''rare''?

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Postby skye » 2005-08-15, 8:14

Well, I'm not exactly an expert, but couldn't it be that the r's just sound different because they have different sounds next to them? That influences the pronounciation of sounds too. The first r has an ae after it, and the other r doesn't have anything. Just a thought.

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