Arcade / Mall / Precinct

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Arcade / Mall / Precinct

Postby Psi-Lord » 2005-06-25, 9:42

Although the American view is always welcome, I'm once again more interested in the British view here.

What exactly are the differences between a shopping arcade, a shopping mall, a shopping centre and a pedestrian precinct? The dictionary definitions are a bit vague, or just confuse me a bit. The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has the following definitions:

* arcade (also shopping arcade) (both BrE) (also mall, shopping mall AmE, BrE) a large building with a number of shop/stores in it
* shopping mall (also mall) (both especially AmE) (BrE also arcade, shopping arcade) noun a large group of shops/stores built together under one roof and closed to traffic
* shopping centre (BrE) (AmE shopping center) noun a group of shops/stores built together, sometimes under one roof
* pedestrian precinct noun (BrE) a part of a town, especially a shopping area, that vehicles are not allowed to enter

The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary has the following:

* arcade noun [C] a covered area or passage in which there are shops, or a covered passage joined to a building on one side and with columns and arches along the other side: a shopping arcade
* shopping mall noun [C] (ALSO mall) MAINLY US a large usually enclosed shopping area where cars are not allowed
* shopping centre UK, US shopping center noun [C] a group of shops with a common area for cars to park, which usually provides goods and services for local people
* pedestrian precinct noun [C] (US USUALLY pedestrian mall) a covered area with shops where vehicles are not allowed
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Re: Arcade / Mall / Precinct

Postby Sido » 2005-06-25, 13:52

Psi-Lord wrote:arcade a covered passage joined to a building on one side and with columns and arches along the other side:

Arcade indeed is the french name for that, very common in many french or italian towns or more generally in sunny places where it may be nice to walk in the street remaining in the shadow.
famous exemples in Paris Rue de Rivoli near the "Louvre", Torino the square by the railway station and in many other places, Annecy etc...
Of course there very often are some shops but the shopping is not an essential aspect

* pedestrian precinct noun [C] (US USUALLY pedestrian mall) a covered area with shops where vehicles are not allowed

Is not "the precinct" the void place around an English Cathedral ? (Winchester and Salisbury for instance ?)
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Postby Stan » 2005-06-25, 16:03

here we say mall or shopping mall. Arcade means a place with videogame machines (that you insert money in to play).
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Re: Arcade / Mall / Precinct

Postby Saaropean » 2005-06-25, 16:09

I'd say a shopping precinct is a street (or a group of neighbouring streets) where people can walk from shop to shop. Vehicles are not permitted there except for delivery during certain times of the day.

A shopping centre (or mall) is a building hosting several shops.

A shopping arcade could be a train station, an underground crossing, a market hall or even an alley rebuilt to house several shops.

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Postby Moonshadow » 2005-06-27, 3:59

At least in this part of the US, a "shopping mall" is totally enclosed, where not only are all of the stores under one roof, the area between the stores where the people walk from store to store is also under that same roof, protected from the elements.

At a "shopping center", one has to go outside to the sidewalk to get from store to store. The sidewalk is usually covered by an awning or roof of some kind to keep off the rain/snow, but you are outside at that point, subject to whatever the temperature and wind conditions are.

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Postby JoeK » 2005-06-27, 23:41

Daniel wrote:A retail park also usually consists of a large supermarket, fast-food restaurants such as Burger King or McDonald's and Pizza Hut, a cinema complex and of course a petrol station (that's gas station to you American guys :wink: ) with a convenience store.

Just one gas station? It may just be my town, but gas stations usually come in twos. A Chevron on one corner of the intersection, a BP on the other side, a set of pumps at the grocery store behind the BP, a Shell further down the road, an Exxon past that, and at least another four of either a Shell/Diamond Shamrock/Fina/whatever within a mile of that. All of which are selling gas within one cent, or the same price, of the one across the street or 500 feet away.

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