calling cards in English, advice needed

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calling cards in English, advice needed

Postby mocco » 2005-06-15, 11:43


A question for native speakers.

Can you help me with choosing the right variant?

I want to order calling cards and I don't know what should be put in the English version of them. In Russian there's no problem but in English I should either write everything in gerunds (services) or in nouns (my position).

So. I want my clients to be able to make out that I'm a tour guide around St Petersburg and that I can translate or interpret. I work as a freelancer, say, in the summer I work as a contractor with 2 big companies. I don't want to put much attention to those companies. What I aim at is to make them see that they can hire me as an interpreter or/and as a licenced guide (not only around the city but also to many of its world famous museums). At the same time the card shouldn't be overloaded with details, it should be laconic and informative.

Any ideas?

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Postby JoeK » 2005-06-16, 8:03

"Interpreter and licensed tour guide"

I think that might suffice.

Most cards I've come across only list a name, job title/area of expertise, and contact information.

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