TeamSpeak meetings a'la disscusion group ?

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What do I think about forming disscusion group ?

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TeamSpeak meetings a'la disscusion group ?

Postby graag » 2005-05-24, 17:05

Hey !

That's an impulse, and unfortunately i'm exhausted so forgive me the chaos in my post.
I'm not sure if there exists something similiar, but since i don't find any infos, i'm gonna continue.
I believe that it may be a good idea, to form some kind of disscusion groups on TS, on previously arranged topics, what's very important and at the same time it seems to be obvious, chosen not to bore. It may sound like a trivial statement, but what i'm talking about it's to touch the topics which are controversive, maybe a little philosphical, just like a typical tv talk-show topics (underlining just.. :)
Of course there should be arranged some certain dates and hours of meetings chosen to fit everybody's needs, max. one or two a week.

Okay i'm tired of making my brain to think. I guess it's pretty clear and my idea is at least a little worthy of interest.


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