Pronounce "vague"

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Pronounce "vague"

Postby jeanbean14 » 2020-09-12, 17:24

I heard an audiobook reader pronounce the word "vague" as "vahg."
Is this a regional thing?
Every dictionary I checked indicated the same pronunciation, vayg. I looked at American, British, and Australian dictionaries.
I found one online post where a Canadian pronounced the word to rhyme with "bag," but it seemed to be a small region of Canada that says it that way.

Do you pronounce "vague" like "vahg"?

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Re: Pronounce "vague"

Postby linguoboy » 2020-09-12, 20:03

I've only ever heard vague with [a] in the fixed phrase Nouvelle Vague, which is borrowed from French. If you used that pronunciation outside of that phrase, I don't think you'd be understood.
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