Helo, I'm newbie

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Nara Eander
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Helo, I'm newbie

Postby Nara Eander » 2019-03-12, 11:22

Can somebody help me to learn English?

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Re: Helo, I'm newbie

Postby linguoboy » 2019-03-12, 14:41

What kind of help do you need?
"Richmond is a real scholar; Owen just learns languages because he can't bear not to know what other people are saying."--Margaret Lattimore on her two sons

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Re: Helo, I'm newbie

Postby lavoyy » 2019-08-08, 11:56


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Re: Helo, I'm newbie

Postby ferraqueena » 2019-09-04, 9:20

Hello guys,

My name is ferra.
can you help me?? i really want speak english
im from indonesia

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