Strange New Expression

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Strange New Expression

Postby William Cassell » 2018-12-20, 19:43

In a free newspaper in London, '' The Metro '', 19 December 2018 , page 9, the expression is used '' daft o clock ''. It seems to mean some unholy hour when most sensible revellers have gone home. Has anyone else met this expression? Will it catch on?

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Re: Strange New Expression

Postby Dormouse559 » 2018-12-20, 20:05

I'm guessing you mean this article.

Metro wrote:A social media post from a holidaymaker who stayed at the hotel at the same time, said Mr Brown was not ill and was in a bar until ‘daft o clock’.

No, I haven't seen "daft o'clock" in particular before, but its meaning is clear. "X o'clock" is a pretty common way of jokingly talking about the time for something.
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