"somewhere" vs. "someplace"

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"somewhere" vs. "someplace"

Postby Mars80 » 2018-10-25, 13:32

Do you ever use "someplace"? It is apparently not used outside North American, while in the United States it is used interchangeably with "somewhere". However even in the United States "someplace" is not all that common and "somewhere" is largely preferred.

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Re: "somewhere" vs. "someplace"

Postby linguoboy » 2018-10-25, 16:13

I doubt I use it "interchangeably" with somewhere because there are always nuances, but I use it regularly. (I also use both someone and somebody and I couldn't tell you why I prefer one to the other in any given context.)
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Re: "somewhere" vs. "someplace"

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-09-09, 22:20

I don't think I use it at all. Or almost never.

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Re: "somewhere" vs. "someplace"

Postby Gormur » 2020-05-01, 11:29

Let's go someplace else / Let's go elsewhere
He lives somewhere around here / He lives hereabouts
Somewhere I've been / A place I've been

Hope that helps :)
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