English slang in Britain?

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English slang in Britain?

Postby Peadar » 2018-04-09, 4:35

I love a british comedy named "Little Britain". But English is not my mother tongue and I'm mostly trained to listen to or speak the american accent. When it comes to the british accent, I still can understand what they are talking about though, I just can't figure out every word in some sentences and write it down.

And there are some slangs that I don't know how to look it up in a dictionary in reverse. For example, in "Little Britain",http://putlockers.fm/watch/x2k9ZoKG-little-britain-usa-season-1/episode-3.html 10.59, there's a guy who likes to suck his mother's tits in public. Every time when he is going to do that, he says a word sounds like "bitty" or "beaty". I feel that "bitty" is a bigger possibility, but I just need to confirm that.

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Re: English slang in Britain?

Postby linguoboy » 2018-04-09, 13:18

He's saying "bitty". I'm not familiar with this usage, but it sounds to me like a childish variation on "titty".

(Note that in American English, the meaning is rather different: "bittie" is considered a diminutive of "bitch" in the sense of "any female". It's affectionate but somewhat pejorative.)
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