Help with translation - "torrid sun"?

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Help with translation - "torrid sun"?

Postby Woods » 2017-10-22, 9:53

"Torrid sun" - can these two words go together?

Basically, I'm trying to translate the Bulgarian word "жарък" - which means very hot, in the sense that it would burn you if you touched it, and it works perfectly with the word "слънце" (sun). However, there isn't any negative connotation (as of being too hot, too dry or anything) - you can just imagine a very hot summer day when the sky is perfectly clear and the sun is shining brightly.

If 'torrid' doesn't fit well, have you got any other suggestions?

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Re: Help with translation - "torrid sun"?

Postby Dormouse559 » 2017-10-24, 5:13

"Torrid" doesn't work very well at all. The word is mostly used nowadays in its "full of sexual passion" sense, so it gives the wrong image. The best choice I could think of was "burning". It's used a lot — in fact it's a bit of a cliche — but that means it doesn't have strong connotations, positive or negative, and in any case it does communicate the "it would burn you" idea.
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