"ain't" in Merriam-Webster and mention of "Black English".

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Re: "ain't" in Merriam-Webster and mention of "Black English".

Postby Mars80 » 2017-10-09, 23:01

Babbsagg wrote:Isn't "don't got" ungrammatical, at least in "standard" BrE/AmE? It certainly strikes me as such.

I'm not a native speaker and my experience especially with AmE is limited, but to my current knowledge "don't got" is nonstandard, that's why I'm asking.

Yeah, "don't got" as well as "doesn't got" are used, but they are considered nonstandard. "don't have" and "doesn't have" would be considered standard. However no one would ever say *"didn't got" that would be "didn't have".

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