The Sound of English

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The Sound of English

Postby Inky Scrolls » 2017-02-22, 8:59

A question for non-native speakers, which has often perplexed me: What does English sound like to someone who doesn't speak it? Or, how did it sound to you before you learnt it?

As an example, before I learnt German (and even now to some extent) I'd've said it sounded like "funker gunken lauden blitzen leude schmitzen bunteglaune". Complete nonsense, I know, but that how it sounds to a native speaker of English.

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Re: The Sound of English

Postby エヴァルダス » 2017-02-22, 9:08

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Re: The Sound of English

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-03-10, 2:19

Haha that's what I thought of immediately, too. :P

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