a school project

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a school project

Postby NastyaSwan2717 » 2017-02-07, 18:11

I'm Nastya. I'm at grade 8 at one of schools in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I do survey on hobbies for my school project. Would you be so kind to answer some of my questions: 1)Do you have free time? 2)If you have free time, how much do you usually have and what do you usually do? 3)Do you think that the way you spend your free time is your hobby?
Thank you for your answers.

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Re: a school project

Postby schnaz » 2017-02-14, 8:15

Hi Nastya,
I try not to think of time as free time and not free time because I want it all to be free. Of course there are things which I have to do but since I love languages I "season" those activities that I must do with language learning. For example when I get to the end of this sentence I will focus on a Spanish word which I am trying to learn which is " desbordar" maybe I can even recall an example sentence. Let's see : " La bomba rompió y el agua del tinaco se desbordo sobre el techo." Actually it should be "por todo el techo" The pump broke and water from the tank spilled all over the roof. " So I hope that explains why I can't give you a clear cut answer to your question. Is it a hobby? I think it is a way of life. :shock:
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Re: a school project

Postby france-eesti » 2017-02-14, 8:58

Hi! good luck for the project!
1) Even if I don't have free time, I push things away so I can have what we call "free time"
2) I play clarinet and piano, learn Hungarian, play with the kids, do aerobics, cook European dishes and run my website
3) well of course, I'm not working nor washing nor ironing, then it's a hobbie :D

EDIT: do you think we'll get moderated there? :blush:
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