Short questions about English

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Re: Short questions about English

Postby Hoogstwaarschijnlijk » 2015-05-10, 7:00

Thank you. Such examples make it clear, but without context it's more difficult I guess. Doesn't help that in Dutch both would be the same tense.
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Corrections appreciated.

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Re: Short questions about English

Postby vijayjohn » 2015-08-21, 21:32

linguoboy wrote:
Lazar Taxon wrote:In American English Pérez gets the Cádiz treatment, though López doesn't. Also, hyperforeign [ʒ] bugs me more than it probably should. In addition to cases like Beijing and Taj Mahal, it can also show up in Italian-American names like DiGiorno.
"Di[ʒ]orno" still bothers me less than "[ʃ]ávez" for "Chávez". What's next, /ʃaˈveː/?

I think some people actually say that, unfortunately. Even here. In Texas. Right next door to Mexico.

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