Leftist-sounding names in media

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Leftist-sounding names in media

Postby Woods » 2021-04-07, 22:19

Freedom, Revolution, People's, Liberation, Guardian, Independent - these are just a few examples of words used as brands by left-wing media.

I am looking for some other ideas.

I need something short and striking and left-wing sounding.

(Also a good occasion to ask where (and if) I should place the hyphen in the last word combination. "Left-wing" is attributive to "sounding," but "sounding" is not a noun - did I place it right?)

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Re: Leftist-sounding names in media

Postby md0 » 2021-04-07, 22:29

I'm not sure I understand your question, but references to stars and the new day are common in naming left-wing media:
Morning Star (UK communist paper), Dawn (Greek leftist paper), Break of dawn (Cypriot communist paper), Morning (Belgian communist paper), One Day (Turkish socialist paper)
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