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Posted: 2018-12-11, 18:55
by IpseDixit
A thread to share podcasts in any language about any topic.

(it) daily cogito (about philosophy, also available on youtube and spotify and not sure where else)

(it) filosofarsogood (about philosophy)

(en-ca)(en-au) lingthusiasm (about linguistics, also available on spotify and maybe somewhere else too)

(en-us) lexicon valley (about language)

(en-us) conlangery (about constructed languages)

Re: Podcasts

Posted: 2018-12-13, 16:14
by md0
(en-au) Talk the Talk (popularised linguistics from an anti-generativist POV)

(en-gb) The Inquiry (current affairs)

North America? Libre Lounge (non-technical Libre Software and Libre Culture discussion)

(de) WRINT: Wer redet ist nicht tot (many podcast series)

(el-cy) Usus norma loquendi (linguistics interview show)