Forum Song Contest 69 - June-July 2018

This forum is to learn about foreign cultures and habits, because language skills are not everything you need as a world citizen...

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Re: Forum Song Contest 69 - June-July 2018

Postby france-eesti » 2018-07-16, 19:20

vijayjohn wrote:[
No problem! I don't think there are strict rules for it, really. Usually, it consists of working together through the same resource for a given language using regular goals (e.g. everyone does the exercises from one chapter of the same book every week, or every two weeks), but it could also be different people working through different resources and just using the thread as a means of reporting their progress and encouraging each other through it. It could even be different people working on different (but probably related) languages and comparing their languages to each other as they learn them (although so far, this has only happened once in conjunction with working together through the same resource).

All right then, can I see one of them? :mrgreen:
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Re: Forum Song Contest 69 - June-July 2018

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-07-16, 20:20

księżycowy wrote:Trying to recruit another, Vijay? :silly:

Of course! :mrgreen:

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