Culture shock !

This forum is to learn about foreign cultures and habits, because language skills are not everything you need as a world citizen...

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Culture shock !

Postby sandrodream » 2016-02-06, 21:57

Many people in their life thought for one moment if a people of ancient times meet with a modern people what kind of cultural shock should be ! I found an exceptional video about this but really happened !!! and is AMAZING !!!
enjoy :D

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Re: Culture shock !

Postby linguoboy » 2016-02-26, 16:04

"The colonial Australian archives also show that the territory of the Toulambis has been by visited by at least six patrols between 1929 and 1972[.]"
"Richmond is a real scholar; Owen just learns languages because he can't bear not to know what other people are saying."--Margaret Lattimore on her two sons

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Re: Culture shock !

Postby Prowler » 2016-06-09, 0:37

Personal examples? My trip to Tunisia when I was a kid. First and only time I've ever been outside of Europe. Can't think of a particular instance, however. just the trip as a whole. It seemed like a completely different world

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Re: Culture shock !

Postby Akihiro » 2016-12-24, 14:18

When I went to Australia for a trip, I had an experience that people hugged me before saying good-bye. I was born and brought up in Japan where hugging or body contact is rarely seen. It's been changing, but still public affection is not shown so much in my country. ( Even between the lovers, they hesitate to hug in public. Of course they do when they are alone. ) So I almost stepped back when I was about to be hugged... That was my first culture shock in my life.

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Re: Culture shock !

Postby Osias » 2017-01-08, 2:56

You would have been even more shocked in Brazil... :D
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