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Re: Random Culture Thread

Posted: 2020-06-29, 17:32
by linguoboy
OldBoring wrote:Then he said "near the apartments", but not all laundries are near apartments, for example many are inside shopping malls or near offices.

Here, that's unusual. Most people don't like to transport their laundry very far. If you own a car, you probably also have a building (either an apartment or a house) with its own laundry machine(s).

Recently, I have seen a new kind of drop-off laundry appear. It's really just an unstaffed room with storage lockers. You put your clothes into a locker and then come back in a day or two to pick them up again. For these to succeed, you need the right combination of residents nearby who don't have access to their own facilities and are willing to pay to have their laundry washed for them.They just opened one on one of the main commercial streets right next to the university campus where I (technically) work. (Of course, this was shortly before Coronavirus drove nearly everyone off campus, so I have no idea if it's still a going concern.)

Re: Random Culture Thread

Posted: 2020-06-29, 19:04
by Gormur
I think I've heard of that before, a place where like they take police uniforms and wash them. I think it's just a laundry service without a specific name. I could be wrong though because I really don't know

There's also something else called a dry cleaning service, but you obviously know about that :)

Re: Random Culture Thread

Posted: 2020-06-29, 20:53
by Gormur
This has left me mystified. You know the Natives who used to live off the land in the deserts of Utah and Arizona. How did they do it?

Like the area I went to in Utah is full of cave artifacts, but the lake there, Lake Powell is man-made. I can accept that there may have been water there at one time. I tend to think it was even before the stone carvings

If in fact these peoples lived on rain water wouldn't they die out from disease? At least nowadays there's a decent amount of pollution in rain water besides dirt. Maybe they had a purifying system though. That seems possible

I just wonder if anyone knows for sure and maybe has a timeline of all of this. From what I know, it's like solving a mystery :hmm: