So, I'm starting an international band...

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So, I'm starting an international band...

Postby WallOfStuff » 2014-08-22, 17:35

Hey guys. So I had an idea. I want to start a world music band. A band that represents not just one culture or country, but many. A band that is really uniquely blended. A band where all genres of Earth come together. More info in the video below:

If you're from another country and are interested, just make a video response as I described in the video. Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Leave them here, or PM me, or comment on the video.

I figured since you're all fairly open-minded and worldly people, it may interest some of you. :3

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Re: So, I'm starting an international band...

Postby razlem » 2014-09-07, 20:04

A cool idea, but seems like it would be a little all over the place. Would the album have a song in each genre, or would each song be mixed-genre?
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