ridiculous and weird surname

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Re: ridiculous and weird surname

Postby Karavinka » 2018-05-09, 1:43


It's a real Canadian surname of someone with an eccentric grandfather.
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Re: ridiculous and weird surname

Postby Dormouse559 » 2018-05-09, 3:12

In the states, we have a politician named Bob Goodlatte, but he pronounces it /ˈɡʊdˌlæt/.
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Re: ridiculous and weird surname

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-05-09, 4:30

My last name is actually not the same as my traditional family name for cultural reasons, but my family name is Chelikuzhiyil (ചെളിക്കുഴിയിൽ [t͡ʃɛˈɭɪkuɻijɪl]), which means 'in the mud pit' in Malayalam.

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Re: ridiculous and weird surname

Postby Homine.Sardu » 2018-05-09, 8:56

The Sardinian onomastic system is very different from the Italian one, nearly all Italian surnames end with I, while 90% of Sardinian surnames end with U (since they are in Sardinian language and not in Italian), many others instead end with S, (Sardinian has plurals with S). Our surnames derive from ancient nicknames about physical features, jobs, place names etc.etc.

(You can usually recognise a Sardinian from his surname, very different from those of the continent.)
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Re: ridiculous and weird surname

Postby IpseDixit » 2018-05-23, 6:18

Homine.Sardu wrote:nearly all Italian surnames end with I

IMO That's true for Central and North-Western Italy, but in the South I think surnames end in -a or -o for the most part. And in the Triveneto it's very common to have surnames that end in -an, -in or -on.

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