Which movie(s) have you watched lately?

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Re: Which movie(s) have you watched lately?

Postby Widukind » 2018-09-04, 3:41

Yasna wrote:Watched Crazy Rich Asians. Great movie within the confines of its genre.

I just saw that, too.

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Re: Which movie(s) have you watched lately?

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-01-15, 13:42

I watched some scenes of a 1980 Malayalam movie called Manjil Virinja Pookkal. Why are all the classic Malayalam movies so shitty? This was basically the onscreen debut for all three of the main characters, most notably Mohanlal, one of the most famous Malayalee actors from when I was growing up. Malayalees go fucking crazy over Mohanlal, somewhat similar to people at sports games, but every movie I can ever recall him acting in was shit except Vanaprastham (1999).

Anyway, the movie is basically about a guy who moves to Kodaikanal (a resort town across the border in Tamil Nadu) and falls in love with a woman there only to find out that she's already married to her cousin who's been rather abusive but for reasons that don't ever seem to be specified (a lot of Malayalam movies have villains with no clear motives at all, although this was less common in the 80s than afterwards). The cousin eventually kills his cousin/wife, after which the hero kills the husband (to avenge the woman) by running over him and then kills himself (upon realizing there's no point in him continuing to live without her) by driving off a cliff. The hero is pretty creepy himself and not a very well-developed character.

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Re: Which movie(s) have you watched lately?

Postby Osias » 2019-01-15, 16:24

Mortal Machines. I liked it.
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Re: Which movie(s) have you watched lately?

Postby france-eesti » 2019-02-01, 10:39

One of Almodovar's latest - Julieta. I liked it a lot! No wonder it's said to be one of his best movies :)
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