Acid test

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Re: Acid test

Postby ILuvEire » 2008-11-17, 23:57

Gormur wrote:

POV ayahuasca trip from the movie Blueberry

Any idea what language is being spoken (besides English)? I thought maybe Navajo.

It's not Navajo, Navajo is tonal. That didn't sound tonal to me. Where did it take place? Maybe it's Nahuatl if it was in Mexico, if it was in Texas it could be Comanche, or maybe Cherokee.

Well, actually it could be Tlingit for all we know. I don't think most people care about the accuracy of the films. :P
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Re: Acid test

Postby ''' » 2008-11-18, 4:34

Well I'm pretty sure I heard /f/ sounds in there so this woudl exclude comanche cherokee and mohawk. And I'm no expert, but it really didn't sound like tlingit to me.

Also, mohawk is tonal.
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