You. Who are you?

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Re: You. Who are you?

Postby Glowim » 2008-08-11, 7:01

linguaholic wrote:Yes, of course you still need to be extremely lucky to find a person you can be that committed to and who also feels like that about you. What I was trying to say was that yes, it depends on the circumstances, but if you meet somebody and s/he is ready and you are ready and you click then that's because of those circumstances not because s/he is THE ONE in 6 billion people. It might as well have happened with another person.

Yes, I agree.

And I still don't want to talk about this, and about love in here (or anywhere else)

Ops... :oops:
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Re: You. Who are you?

Postby Gormur » 2008-11-22, 6:45

It seems my intuition has become sharper and I need fewer words to express myself than before. I can see improvement in my life since I last posted in this topic, and also in the lives' of people around me.

I'm attempting to connect with others since for so many years I was distant with nearly everyone. I think I realized when my mom left my dad recently that I needed to try to connect on a more emotional level with my family and friends because one never knows when someone will be gone or you may never see them again. A lot of it is related to my upbringing..there was never any display of affection in my house.

I've learned to appreciate simple things more and find contentment in living. Depression is a constant struggle for me, still, but I think it is getting better day by day.

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Re: You. Who are you?

Postby Zero » 2008-11-24, 8:43

I'm just some guy.

My identity in society is...

1) My face what I look like
2) Height
3) Eye colour
4) Other colours, hair and skin
5) Any other superficial thing that my body has.
6) My nationality
7) My age
8) My given names and last name
9) All the things I've done and have had my name attached to. For examples, the schools I've attended and the achievements I've made.
10) What I do as a way to make money
11) My personality
12) How fat I am

That's all society cares about. I think identity is more or less a social construct.

If you want to ask me, however, WHO I am... I guess that's the same as above plus stuff I like to do. You can even point to a part of your brain and say 'this is me'. For all I know, I am an illusion in my own mind.

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