When were you born?

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When were you born?

Postby ltrout » 2015-04-27, 2:33

How would you say "I was born (on) ..[give random date].." in your conlang? Please put literal translations!

In Reinhas:I was born October 8, 1999 = Jan bierte de Ot de Otast de NoNuntNustEinsteig.
Lit: I to be born of 8 of October of 1999 (9-90-900-1000).
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Fox Saint-Just » 2015-04-27, 8:04

In Novbasa: Me li janma na Sep Dekun-Mes Kilnavbaknavdeksan. (I was born November 7th, 1993)

In a more colloquial form, the year can be expressed simply by listing the separate numbers. So 1993 would become un-nav-nav-san.

EDIT: That isn't my birth date. In fact, me li janma na Dek Pa-Mes Kilnavbaknavdek (I was born August 10th, 1990).
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Re: When were you born?

Postby ~jakip » 2015-04-27, 11:12

In Spitind: Iou bornet ninidici niti (19-90), 30 du Ottire (I was born 1990, 30 of October)
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Ashucky » 2015-04-27, 19:19

In Laefêvëši it's rather simple:

Mârisái lúelitto vásintau eróde arkínne faráse farála.
born.QLT.ADJ=be.IND.PST.1SG fifth.RLT.ADJ-GEN.SG July-GEN.SG year-GEN.SG thousand nine.hundred ninety
I was born on the 5th of July of the year 1990.

(QLT = qualitative, RLT = relational)
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Levike » 2015-04-28, 22:05

In Ditronian:

Fest legótet fost mesti lóhesihesidálima, lóma, tébetébe bea.

Literally: They make was me one-nine-nine-four-of, one-of, two-two in.
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Koko » 2015-04-28, 23:10

Sa [bolivue] 1999 (read: celecegecevo) ney lejith [belu] Agùsti ritkaffa.
[subject-year (ablative)-day (signified by -th)-month (dative)-to be born (ritkaffyejan)] (best you'll get from me today, at least you know what the order is)

Years are generally ignored when actually telling someone when you were born. The month and day are more important to an Isyan, since birthdays and -months play a big part in celebrations. You can celebrate both the month and the day, but a year is literally once in a lifetime since you can't go back to a year that's passed, but months cycle. (kinda stating the obvious, but it's to reinforce why the year is so ignored).

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Re: When were you born?

Postby Iparxi_Zoi » 2015-05-09, 21:58

Modern Zacian:Ζιένδοσα δα 23 (έσαντε τρις) Οκτόβρε 1991 (ιέσλα ιένυν σιέντας ενύσαντα ένα).

(ˈzjendosa ða ˈesante tris okˈtovre ˈjezla ˈjenun ˈsjentas eˈnusanta ˈena)

I was born on October 23, 1991. (Lit. I was born the 23 October 1991).
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Manzoku » 2016-04-15, 1:58

Kamitogo: Kaban impaumashita na desunyo Jeun tsuki ni inni seunamno sain.
I born was June month in day of six.
I was born on June sixth.

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Re: When were you born?

Postby Dormouse559 » 2016-05-03, 5:17

Gzo sue nad u 20 (vinti) máz 1941 (dianuöv cent parant'ed-un).
[dʑɔ sʊ̯ɛ ˈnaː ʊ ˈvẽ.tɪ ˈmɛː dɪ̯aˈno̯ɔː ɕã paˈɾõ.tɛˈɾ‿õː]
1SG.NOM be.1SG be_born.PST_PTCP DEF.SG.NOM.M twenty May nineteen hundred forty=and=one
I was born on May 20, 1941.
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Aquila Ex Machina » 2016-12-18, 12:17

In deyryck :

[date] ni (y)iséra'

Example (for earth) :

Complete form :

I was born February 24, 1995.
Pit har'daj past har'monaj stayoyié ni yiséra da
(24 day_of 2 month_of 1995 date I_born DECLAR)

Common form :

I was born February 24, 1995.
Pit daj êp monj stayoyié ni iséra'
(24 day_of 2 month_of 1995 date born_DECLAR)

As we're in the earth context you may also find :

I was born February 24, 95.
Pit daj êp monj yié ni iséra'
(24 day_of 2 month_of 95 date born_DECLAR)

More casual or familiar way (depending on region) :

I was born Feb' 24, 95.
Pit'êp êj yié nya
(24'2 of 95 date_DECLAR)
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Linguamusica » 2018-08-13, 10:14

In Qėxpletėn:
Y aßzowėldú o hėpta-i-twėntaßz Awrelj
(Ya azo-veldo oh hepta ih tventaz avreel-yuh)

Literally: I first on earth (past tense conjugation) on 27th April
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Re: When were you born?

Postby Kota-Ebau » 2018-08-26, 21:05

Konśtėnjąźkjęła śtyb.

Wroźnjaźkurśkon 15rś 7wna (jemęprywecarś Wrėćmawna/Sjęwecawna).
I was born on 15th July.


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