A few sentences

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Re: A few sentences

Postby ~jakip » 2015-04-25, 18:42

Levike wrote:
~jakip wrote:2. Iou lovitti bistest.
3. Lur consette un canė.
4. Kest essit tu autom'.

Where does "bistest" and "conset" come from?

What's the apostrophe at the end of "autom"?

"bist" comes from German "you are". Yeah, I changed the meaning because I liked how the word sounded but I had already made up the present tense of " to be".
Conset (past of cons-it) is from Italian "consegnare" that means "to deliver".

The apostrophe is to sign the abbreviation of "automobis".
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Re: A few sentences

Postby hashi » 2015-04-26, 2:16

Koko wrote:
hashi wrote:3. Ev mo eg inui arviva.

Are Japanese originated words common in Nithalos? Or is inu- just a coincidence ^^?
Vocabulary that entered the language from around 2008-2010 have a lot of Japanese influence. Since then, much less so.

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Re: A few sentences

Postby Linguamusica » 2018-08-13, 13:44

Here are the sentences in Qėxpletėn:

1. You are inside the house.
1. bác en lewplaz.
2. I love you very much.
2. Y lofá
3. He gave you a dog.
3. Ėr gibbáß dó't doġa.
4. This is your car.
4. Cta dón qárfáhr.
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Re: A few sentences

Postby Dormouse559 » 2018-08-14, 4:59

Updating Silvish. I had created a word for "very much / a lot" a month or two ago, and it was perfect, but I've since forgotten it, and I apparently never used it in a posted text, so that's got me down. :(

T' e ddyint lê mêzwé.
[tɛˈdjɛ̃nt lɛː.mɛˈzwe]
You are inside the house.

Jou t' êma bã.
[ʑuˈtɛː.mə ˈbɑ]
I love you very much.

Ê t' a balyà in hã.
[ʔɛː.ta.bəˈʎa ʔɛ̃ˈhɑ]
He gave you a dog.

Slê l' e tta vêtû.
[ˈslɛː lɛt.ta.vɛˈtyː]
This is your car.
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Re: A few sentences

Postby Kota-Ebau » 2018-08-26, 11:40

Konśtėnjąźkjęła (Konstonish).

(Źnję) źtjękławjęrśkonś Kąlma enzyw.
You are inside the house.

Mėjłeżawėrśkąn źnjęźky dvėźwreśky.
I love you very much.

(Źwoj) tėjźkurśkjęr źnjęlky Bėrżąkjęźkyrś.
He gave you a dog.

Źwetjėnję bjęwėrśkar źnjęn Ąvtokėćłaźky.
This is your car.


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