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Postby Hlywrihnth » 2015-03-21, 21:38

T̾āma, I am creating a language called VyvŌ̦æv (litterary: language oave, "oavic")
It is going to be a very complex but yet simple language; around 60 different sounds + rising, falling, acute, grave, nasal, fast, long & implosive tones.
The pronounciation will be hard but the grammar will be easy.
Here is a bit of grammar (might change by time): T̾āma Ōævs æx̦ɛ̆ao ł nɛnaoʋ̦ałjä̹r̆ŋaoæ.
Hi I'm Oavic and I like creating. (litterary: Hi Oavic iam and likingcreatedoi.
Jag vill bli en polyglot, I want to be a polyglot, quiero ser un polyglot, ég vilt verða polyglot!

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