Onomatopoeia, Human Sounds, and Conversation Fillers ^^

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Onomatopoeia, Human Sounds, and Conversation Fillers ^^

Postby Koko » 2014-12-15, 3:09

Yeah. That's basically it.

Uhm— Di
Well…— Mei/Meï
Caw— Kroa
Moo— Ma-uu
Awoo— Aou, aüuu
Meow— (f)mn(y)au
Bark, arf, woof— Ahrk, ùrf/ùff
Click— ksh (/k/ followed by a retracted lateral fricative) or klk
Shh— Csc, hesc ("hesc" gave rise to the verb "hesceyan"— to hush, quiet)
Haha— kehe
Neigh— Rryhehhe
Creak— Tsriii (rising tone)
Crash— Ksc
Chirp— Cyi(p) cyip
Hiss— Pss
Psst— Kx
Ugh (disgust)- Oh, ah, egh (-h /ħ, ç/; -gh /ʁ, x, ç)

I shared my sounds! Let's see yours!

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Re: Onomatopoeia, Human Sounds, and Conversation Fillers ^^

Postby ~jakip » 2015-04-27, 17:15

Uhm — Nh...
Well… — Den... / Alura...
Caw — Crau
Moo — Moo
Meow — Auu
Bark, arf, woof — Rou
Click — Tik
Shh — Śjj
Haha — Eheh
Neigh — Ighigh
Creak — Nieaaa
Crash — Troś
Chirp — Lip
Hiss — Zzz
Psst — pzz
Ugh (disgust) — Âo / Aja
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