John and I go quickly to the old house

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Re: John and I go quickly to the old house

Postby Aquila Ex Machina » 2015-07-20, 0:00

John and I go quickly to the old house.

Môn'Jôn mitay kèmqi'dajarka ni srisni mikwa

Môn'jôn or jôn : John
mi ... mi : defines the subject of the sentence
ta : and
y : contraction of "i" : I
kèmqi : old
dajarka(m) : house
ni : defines location
kw : contraction of ko : come/go
srisni : sri (fast/quick) + sni(means, -ly)
a : dot
Lag ta lag é kén ta kén é i tay lag é

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Re: John and I go quickly to the old house

Postby SilverSoldier » 2015-09-05, 15:01

This is just the transliteration of that in my language.
John eh so tsuison soineromeda liyonde zaimerui. John and I quickly go old to the house.

John = John
Eh = and
So = I
Tsuinon = quickly
Soineromeda = we go (conjugated form of ''soinero" (meaning "go") in first person present tense)
Liyonde = old
Zaimerui = to the house

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Re: John and I go quickly to the old house

Postby Vlürch » 2015-09-05, 18:15

In the (nearly?) literally physically unspeakable X̋uňnıňıďrşřʻaqm̧əḩdätčïftďıýağeł,
Conkötör x̋ažřap eńidem̧qarumx̏əğış b̛üḩyörö aʻïźabiłiq.

John(+comitative) old house(+postdirective+terminative) fast to go(+1st person+plural).

Can't be arsed with IPA for that, but if anyone actually cares, here's all the IPAs for this stuff.

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Re: John and I go quickly to the old house

Postby Quetzalcoatl » 2015-09-23, 23:27

John ya mi maškjaman mašni ša wali ušniš.

John and I quickly go to the old house.

John = John
ya = and
mi = I (in the nominative case)
maškj-am-an (go-1PL-IPFV) = we go (first person plural present tense imperfective indicative)
mašn-i = quick-ADV = quicly
ša = to (preposition)
wal-i = house-SG = house
ušn=iš = old=DAT.SG

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