Carols in our conlangs

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Re: Carols in our conlangs

Postby SostiMatiko » 2014-12-30, 16:05

o jaguxo aista awano, soma ano mawego, naerxeti dia to, napaizi nameidii!
eraxeti ina jagoso exi bio, exi ewo; isa ano foraso: uka ajofei tewo!
teri dermo pawod perio, saom mes perióa kopitro, xaera dunam rabo, ewa eraxeto!

it is based on a song from the island of Lemnos, praising (and welcoming) the kehaja (tender of livestock); symbolizes Christ, but also Krsná, the cow boy. It has elements of love songs, and everything in this version is symbolic.

"o proud 'kehaja', you big on the upper part of your body, come pass through this land, play and laugh!
you come here so that the sheep have life and benefit; to the heights my word is "i do not abandon you!"
from wolf's skin are your homemade shoes, on your sash there is a knife, in your hand there is a strong staff; in a fortunate way your coming here".
ॐ भूर् भु॑वः सुवः त॑त् सवितु॑र् व॑रेणियं भ॑र्गो देव॑स्य धीमहि धि॑यो यो॑ नः प्रचोद॑यात्

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Re: Carols in our conlangs

Postby AvisVolans » 2020-12-12, 11:42

"O come, all ye faithful" in Vésarmencesk

Padvánes Fiédancan

Padvánes fiédancan
gádat tríumpháranc!
Ó vánes, Ó vánes
díe Béthlehem.
Saines é sken'e,
régiar angulenem.
Ó aires adóra it,
Ó aires adóra it,
Ó aires adóra it,
Christ Hiór!
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