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Postby Koko » 2014-08-21, 7:29

Pretty simple: what are your conlangs' greetings and farewells?

The latter can be "good night" or something like that.

In Isyan, we have the neutral: (said to anyone of any rank)
Mysi /'mi:si/— hi, hello, bye
Fona kymar /fo'nα: ki'mαr/— see you soon/later
Ditrov /di'tro:v/— good morning, hello
Tilloi /til'loj/— good afternoon/evening, hello (said at noon-evening)
Nödas /nœ'dα:s/— hello (said at night)

Zeya /zε'jα:/— bye (neutral), hey(inf.)
Sey /sej/— bye (inf.)

Seye /se'je:/— goodbye, farewell (when next encounter isn't expected to be soon)

More of mine will be up later :) In the meantime, what are yours?

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Re: Greetings/Farewells

Postby emorjon2 » 2014-09-07, 20:10

Language name: astuurusprêm

wellus tîd = Hello (littr: good time)
wellus dâg = good day
wellus dâgginn = good morning (dâgginn = daystart/start of the day)
wellus dâgaginn = good evening(dâgaginn = dayend/end of the day)
wellus adâg = good night

wellus liivginndâg = happy birthday

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Re: Greetings/Farewells

Postby AvisVolans » 2020-12-12, 15:37

Greetings in Vésarmencesk

Hello - Haló
Good day - Vé dain
Good morning - Vé mán
Good evening - Vé áin
Good night - Vé nó
Bye - Disaine
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