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Friulian (Furlan)

Posted: 2005-12-10, 21:12
by Fenek
In this topic let's post useful links for those who are interested in Friulian.
Qui raccogliamo i link utili per coloro che sono interessati alla lingua friulana.

Thanks to E}{pugnator, I know this Course of Friulian online:
Grazie a E}{pugnator, conosco questo corso di friulano:

(I think I will use this course when I start learning Friulian in January).
(Penso di usare questo corso quando comincero' ad imparare il friulano in gennaio).

Please add the links U know! :)
Aggiungete i link che conoscete voi, per favore! :)

Posted: 2005-12-11, 10:27
by Fenek
E}{pugnator wrote:You know also this one:

You think you can learn Friulian through Friulian? :D

Academie dal Friûl

Posted: 2006-01-03, 13:15
by Fenek
I want to learn the basics of Friulian in January. I'll use this course: . I'll start next week and I'll try to complete three lessons each week. Of course, everybody is welcome to join me :) In this topic we can ask questions and share problems we have with Friulian.

Voglio imparare i principi della lingua friulana. Usero' questo corso: . Comincero' la settimana prossima e cerchero' di fare tre lezioni a settimana. Ovviamente, ognuno e' invitato ad imparare il friulano insieme a me - sarebbe bello :-) Qui possiamo fare le domande e parlare dei problemi che abbiamo nel nostro apprendimento della lingua friulana.

Posted: 2006-01-03, 13:27
by Fenek
This week I'll learn the rules of spelling 8)
Questa settimana imparero' la grafia friulana 8)

Posted: 2006-01-03, 15:55
by E}{pugnator
Fenek, I posted other links for friulian but I posted them wrongly at the thread you opened at the Unilang Language Forum, instead of here...

I'd appreciate if you could share here your impressions and experiences :)

grafia - esercizio

Posted: 2006-01-06, 16:27
by Fenek
Il corso segue la grafia ufficiale (e questo mi pare giustissimo). Ma il dizionario che ho usa la grafia Nazzi. Percio' devo imparare a convertire la grafia Nazzi alla grafia ufficiale. Mi faccio un esercizio. Scegliero' a caso venti parole del dizionario e le riscrivero' nella grafia ufficiale.



Traduzione in italiano:


Posted: 2006-01-08, 10:12
by Klenje
you can also have at look at

here there are useful tools such as a spell checker, a dictionary...

than maybe also

mandi e bon studi :wink:

Posted: 2006-01-08, 10:17
by Klenje
the nazzi spelling system I think is a lot easier for someone like you that comes from slavic languages... not for native speakers

should be cjalt

cudicj - you know that I never heard of it :D for devil I use diaul ...

Capodistria si dîs Cjaudistre par furlan :wink:

Posted: 2006-01-11, 9:35
by Fenek
Grazionis, Klenje! :D

Klenje wrote:cudicj - you know that I never heard of it :D for devil I use diaul ...

Thanks for letting me know! That word is of Slavic origin, so chances are it is only used in Eastern dialects of Friulian.

Klenje wrote:Capodistria si dîs Cjaudistre par furlan

Wow, it's great to know that! :D
Do you also have a Friulian name for Piran/Pirano?

BTW Some linguists think that Friulian was spoken in Cjaudistre many centuries ago. In fact, there is discussion what the original language of the region of Capodistria was: Friulian, Istriot or Venetian.

Mandi! :)

Posted: 2006-01-11, 11:59
by Klenje
Piran/Pirano should be Piran also in Friulian; I know that it is not known which language was spoken in Istria before Slavic/Venetian influence; I'm sure though that the area of diffusion of Rhaeto-Romanic languages was a lot larger than today :wink:
mandi e domande se ti covente alc, par me al è un divertiment e un plasê rispuindi :D

Posted: 2006-01-13, 15:57
by Maja
Klenje wrote:Piran/Pirano should be Piran also in Friulian;

It is believed that Piran is a name of Greek origine.... derived from a name for "fire".

Posted: 2006-01-13, 16:09
by Maja
Fenek wrote:BTW Some linguists think that Friulian was spoken in Cjaudistre many centuries ago. In fact, there is discussion what the original language of the region of Capodistria was: Friulian, Istriot or Venetian.

Fenek, I'm sorry but .... :wink:
Btw, original when? This place was not emptied and abandoned when the Roman empire collapsed. People just stayed there and merged with the peoples invading them, if they survived. So in the times of Roman empire the language was Latin, maybe not the purist one from Rome, but definitely Latin. Aquileia was the regional capital and from there the empire had broaden to the east where the beasts lived.... there were several wars with the natives of that time (I'm talking about the time of the 2nd and 1st centuries BC), who were - as it is believed - of the Ilyrian descend (like many peoples in Istria) and further north-east of Celtic.
Btw, Capodistria was not a name used in Roman times.

Catalans understand Friulian

Posted: 2006-01-13, 18:50
by pa-integral
Yesterday a teacher told us he once invited a Friulian to talk about the linguistic situation in Friûl, in one of his classes.

The Friulian lecturer spoke Italian, and everybody understood what he was saying (some knew Italians, others didn't but it wasn't hard to understand this language).

At the end of the conference, he was invited to say some things in Friulian, and when he did, they realized it had many similar things to Catalan, specially those consonant endings. It is nice for a Catalan to listen to this language.

Posted: 2006-01-13, 21:47
by Fenek
Maja wrote:Btw, original when?

Right. I meant the language that had developed from Latin in present-day Slovenian Istria. The coastal towns remained Romance-speaking, while Slavs settled in the hinterland.

Posted: 2006-01-13, 22:30
by Klenje
Maja wrote:Btw, Capodistria was not a name used in Roman times.

Yeah, it was Capris during Roman times, while Aegida was an older name probably of Greek origins

Posted: 2006-01-14, 16:21
by Fenek
Maja wrote:Fenek, I'm sorry but .... :wink:

Mmmm... kaj? 8)

my 1st sentence

Posted: 2006-01-14, 16:42
by Fenek
In vuê o fasei lezion 1 8)

Posted: 2006-01-15, 18:42
by Fenek
Qual'è la forma corretta: verp o vierp?

Re: my 1st sentence

Posted: 2006-01-15, 18:57
by Klenje
Fenek wrote:In vuê o fasei lezion 1 8)

I guess it is
Vuê o fâs la lezion 1

and the right form is "verp"

Posted: 2006-01-15, 19:06
by Klenje
Yeah, I've also heard about it, but I've spoken just once to a catalan so I didn't have a chance to verify. But also in written forms there are many similarities, e.g the plural in -s....
I visited the page in your signature and I can understand a big part of it...

Introdueix un verb sense preposició

Introdusêt un verp cence preposizion

also consider that the official friulian ortography was proposed by a catalan linguist :)