Friulian (Furlan)

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Postby Yeshua.C » 2010-04-22, 4:30

nettchelobek1 wrote:22 months to get an answer! yay!

Funny that. It took me 22 second to find out on my own. Some people... :p

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Friulian word list

Postby Stevey7788 » 2010-09-16, 22:47

Here's a very good word list from Wiktionary

One of the best vocabulary resources ever. YOU can contribute too!

Imagine a site where you can view standardized word lists of every language on the planet. For free. Check out

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Re: Friulian word list

Postby linguoboy » 2010-09-17, 14:51

Why settle for that when there's an entire free dictionary of Friulian available online?
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Help translating phrase please!

Postby davedavedave » 2011-01-29, 23:33

Would "Stay with me" be "Stais cun me?" Or "O stais cun me?" Or does the translation require another verb?


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Re: Friulian (Furlan)

Postby Meneghis » 2013-03-08, 14:06

I'll try to revive this thread :D My grandmother was born in Friuli, but she moved back to Veneto very soon, so she is not really able to speak Friulian proficiently.. :( Luckily, my girlfriend moved to Friuli last summer, so I started to read something about this really interesting language.. After all, we're neighbours :)
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Re: Friulian (Furlan)

Postby IpseDixit » 2013-12-12, 15:42

Some more Friulian resources: ... lenghe.pdf ... rtuoft.pdf ... urlane.pdf

A very useful conjugation table:

An interesting Friulian course in English: ... unit-1.pdf

(for other units change the number before .pdf in the URL)

La Patrie dal Friul (a Friulian newspaper):

The Bible in Friulian:

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