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Ukrainian Sign Language

Posted: 2018-06-19, 17:48
by aaakknu
Anyone interested in the language except me?
I have attended a couple of lessons and learned fingerspelling and a handful of words. I'm going to learn it more seriously soon.

Here are some resources I could find:
1. An online video dictionary
2. Here you can download some articles published by Sign Language Research Laboratory (in Ukrainian)

That's all I know of, unfortunately. USL is not popular in Ukraine, the materials to learn it are scarce. There is also a lack of interpreters
(the salaries of USL interpreters are very low, so there's not a lot of people willing to become them). Among USL interpreters, AFAIK, there are many people who grew up in Deaf families.
There are a lot of stereotypes about sing language (like, for example, that there is only one sign language, or that it's not a rich, full-fledged language, just like spoken ones). Also, I heard that some interpreters use Signed Ukrainian instead of true USL (that's the "language" taught in the 4-month (!!!) sign language interpreting courses).