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Posted: 2018-02-04, 11:08
by Antea
I think there’s no specific thread for Aranès language, which is a variety of Occitan mainly spoken in la Val d’Aran (Catalonia). So I am starting one in order to share the resources I will find.

This I already posted in an Occitan thread, and is the link to the news in Aranès:

Re: Aranès

Posted: 2018-02-04, 12:32
by Saim
Hey, I'd suggest changing the title to Aranese (in English) or aranés (in Aranese, as well as Occitan in general, where the suffix -es is pronounced with an open /e/ like in Valencian and unlike Central Catalan), rather than the current Catalan title.

For anyone who's interested in Aranese, or is approaching any variety of Occitan while already knowing Catalan, I couldn't recommend Aitor Carrera's (2011) learner's grammar enough. It compares Referential Occitan (i.e. standardised Lengadocian) with Aranese, as well as bringing up some of the other dialects like Provençal and forms of Gascon other than Aranese. IMO no matter what variety of Occitan you choose to study it is extremely important to have a grounding in other dialects simply due to the lack of general media output in it (why limit yourself when what you have available is already somewhat limited?).

It is in Catalan though so a reading knowledge of this language is a must (though learning Aranese with zero knowledge of Catalan, Spanish or French would be quite tough anyway, I imagine!). ... 50828.html

There is also a purely Aranese grammar (2007; it doesn't touch on Lengadocian and other dialects) by the same author although I can't attest to it's quality as I haven't read it.

Re: Aranese

Posted: 2018-02-04, 13:02
by Antea
Thanks, Saim. I am changing the title to English, since it’s the language of the forum.

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Posted: 2018-02-12, 3:09
by atalarikt