Permic (Komi, Udmurt)

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Permic (Komi, Udmurt)

Postby h34 » 2017-02-07, 11:02

(kv) Komi + (udm) Udmurt
1 General info about the Permic languages and the Old Permic (Abur) alphabet
2 A Swadesh list (English - Udmurt - Komi-Permyak - Komi-Zyrian), interesting for comparisons
3 The Komi-Udmurt Latin alphabet (1931)

1 Grammar, dictionary
2 Vocabulary
3 A grammar overview in French
Some videos (courses and a legend called Кӧк синва):

Some links for Komi-Permyak: 123

(udm) Some links for Udmurt: 123456
A video course:
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Re: Permic (Komi, Udmurt)

Postby PfifltriggPi » 2017-02-12, 21:33

All of these seem really interesting, beautiful and really, really hard. Plus, how cool would it be to speak a language called Udmurt? Just say it a few times. I am now finding the temptation to start Russian almost overwhelming. But I really do not have time now. :x
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