Armenian Resources?

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Armenian Resources?

Postby NorthOfNowhere » 2016-07-13, 22:37

Hello, does anyone here have any experience with learning Armenian? I am currently having a hard time finding any decent resources for the language. So far all I have got is Wiktionary and the Armenian course on Armeniapedia. Do you know of any good dictionaries, grammar references, or teaching books for the Armenian language (preferably Eastern dialect with modern orthography)?

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Re: Armenian Resources?

Postby eskandar » 2016-07-14, 0:24

Check out this thread. It's kind of a mess, as there used to be an entire forum for Armenian which was all collapsed into that one thread, but there's a lot of great resources in it.
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Re: Armenian Resources?

Postby Núria Harket » 2016-08-16, 20:16

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Re: Armenian Resources?

Postby Top8 » 2017-01-24, 22:26

There are some books online but your biggest difficulty is going to be finding audio sources. Dora Sakayan has released two books, relatively recently, called Eastern Armenian for the English Speaking World and Western Armenian for the English Speaking World. The books both come with audio CDs consisting of Dialogues and exercises. I have the Eastern Armenian book and CD, and I would recommend it if you are willing to shell out the cash.

Here is a link to the Eastern Armenian PDF. Not sure if the audio is available online though :?

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