Sorbian languages

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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby stordragon » 2014-02-08, 13:32

Hey buddy, sorry for the late response (we've just had the Spring Festivals these days..)

xivrox wrote:Ah, sorry! Unfortunately, I don’t know Sorbian very well, and what I know is influenced by my Polish, so that’s why my sentence was erroneous..

It's no problem :D it's really nice to see someone of us writes in Sorbian (be it Upper or Lower) you know :wink: and it's really nice for us to have a place here at Unilang to discuss the endangered minority languages & we can perhaps share some resources in this thread at times. :mrgreen:

Just FYI, you might find a large text corpus here with UpperSorbian-Czech-German versions: ... erbsce.pdf ... 0cesce.pdf ... nemsce.pdf

and this might be really useful for Upper Sorbian language learning, if you happen to know some Czech/German :yep:

Here are some other useful links:
for Lower Sorbian
for Upper Sorbian ... xsb89.html
for Upper & Lower Sorbian (Unfortunately this site seems not to have been updated for a very long time and I don't know why)
Upper Sorbian dictionaries:

which you might also be interested in.

xivrox wrote:so we might indeed need a help from a native Sorbian then. ;)

You might have already learnt about this Upper Sorbian forum: Unfortunately these years this forum seems to be less and less active.. (I do believe the German government spares no effort in promoting the use of minority languages in Bautzen & Cottbus etc., but it seems the younger generations among Sorbians themselves are more and more inclined to use German in their daily life in consideration from a "realistic" perspective, which is such a pity)

So I think if someday we really encounter problems or have doubts about the Upper or Lower Sorbian grammar, we might want to consult them directly in that forum; moreover, we might want to invite some members of that forum to Unilang, and ask them to invite even more people from their hometown to join here to collaborate to promote the use of the languages which are on the border of extinction. :lol:
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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby Doimnic » 2014-05-01, 18:16

Hi there! I've always been interested in Sorbian myself since part of my father's family (and my surname :) ) are from Lusatia; a small village east of Budyšin. I can't speak the language, but since I speak other Slavic languages I understand it when I read it (I've got e.g. "The Little Prince" and a version of the Krabat legend, the "Čorny Młyn", when I can't understand something I can look it up in the German version of those books).

And although I haven't really started studying Sorbian for real (yet) I enjoy watching the monthly Sorbian television programme of MDR TV ( ... index.html), it is called "Wuhladko" video podcasts are here: ... 15b49.html
The programme is in upper Sorbian, with German subtitles. Since that is the version of the language that my ancestors spoke I'm more interested in upper Sorbian.

But if you are more interested in lower Sorbian, there is also a monthly television programme by an other regional tv station (since lower Lusatia is in another federal State (Brandenburg) than upper Lusatia (Saxony). RBB TV call their Sorbian programme "Łužyca":
The podcasts also have German subtitles.

There are also radio programmes both on MDR and RBB, on the same websites. If you have trouble finding them or something else just ask. Because the MDR website is in German and upper Sorbian only, the RBB one just in German I think. I can translate :)

Like arajan and xivrox wrote, I also felt that the pronounciation of upper sorbian was unusual, especially the pronounciation of the "r". But then it also sounds a little like Chech, with the stress on the first syllable...

As a book to study the language I have the Kauderwelsch-phrase book for Sorbian, and although it is small and handy it has the important grammar points in the grammar section and a lot of phrases in the conversation part. I like those books, they're great for the beginning, but unfortunately, only in German. With a few translated to French and published by Assimil, but not the Sorbian one. ... -2202.html

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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby Raine » 2015-09-20, 20:43

[flag=]dsb[/flag] Dobry wjacor! Ja cu wuknuś (dolno-)serbsku rěc, dokulaž ja lubujom małe rěcy :) Deklinacija a konjugacija su śěžke, ale ja se myslim, až ja mógu to wuknuś!
Chto wuknjo teke serbšćinu?

[flag=]en[/flag] Good evening! I want to learn the (Lower) Sorbian language because I love small languages :) Declination and conjugation are hard, but I think I will be able to learn it!
Who else is studying Sorbian?
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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby h34 » 2018-01-21, 8:12

Thanks for any corrections

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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby księżycowy » 2018-02-24, 20:20

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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby GaeilgeoirMrNice » 2020-01-08, 21:43

Anyone know where I could find a native to help me out with pronunciation and stuff?

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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby linguoboy » 2020-01-08, 22:58

GaeilgeoirMrNice wrote:Anyone know where I could find a native to help me out with pronunciation and stuff?

I would think your best bet would be to contact a Sorbian cultural/educational organisation, such as the Serbski institut/Sorbisches Institut in Bautzen/Budyšin or the Niedersorbische Gymnasium/Dolnoserbski gymnazium in Cottbus/Chóśebuz. With less than 30,000 speakers worldwide, you'll have to be more targeted than a niche discussion group like this.
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Re: Sorbian languages

Postby GaeilgeoirMrNice » 2020-01-09, 8:00

Would they have resources in English or would I need to improve my German a bit lol

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