Langue Normanne (Normaund)

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Langue Normanne (Normaund)

Postby Meneghis » 2013-03-12, 13:20

I wasn't really sure if posting here would be the most suitable place to begin a discussion on Norman, but, given it's basically a Romance language, here it is!

In these good Wikipedia articles there are tons of informations about Norman:
Corrections are welcome

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Re: Langue Normanne (Normaund)

Postby JackFrost » 2015-02-11, 0:52


Hi. I moved the thread to the Other Languages forum as the other forum is specifically for French only.

PS: It's langue normande. :wink:
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Re: Langue Normanne (Normaund)

Postby melski » 2015-02-11, 8:05

There is also a Wikipedia in Normand too !

Actually, norman dialects also comprise Jèrriais and Guernesiais, for which some ressources are available on the internet. or
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Re: Langue Normanne (Normaund)

Postby atalarikt » 2018-02-04, 3:26

Anybody know or have resources to learn Norman?

EDIT: Never mind, found this list of posts on Norman from the Europe Minority Languages blog.
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