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Re: Ainu link somo ki

Posted: 2018-01-27, 13:27
by kAnpINUye
te wn unilang Aynw ytah so ,hem-an-ta an -activate =mw-chy-nash-nw war an ne-e wa syqa-ma qar

Re: Conversation in Ainu

Posted: 2018-01-27, 14:25
by kAnpINUye
Karavinka wrote:
Cesare M. wrote:Hey everybody I am back on UniLang and I was looking through the Intermediate Ainu Lesson Thread and I wanted to start a group conversation in Ainu and see where it will go. I'll start the conversation and if anybody has the Ainu alphabet, it would be much appreciated if you could use it.

ウウェランカラプ  アン ナー。 イランカラプテー。 ヘマンタ ネプキ ア・キ コロ アナン? 

You know, it's very tempting to delete this thread. But I'll try to be nice and just bash it.

Chy-no-rep ( quasi) Qarahto,Qwryrw ,wa Qamcatqa ( S(h)y-s(h)a-mo, Enqyrysw ytah Qanazawa wa shozaburo

アイヌ語 (會)会話 辞/字典 for those who know a few words and wish to learn Japanese with Aynw difficult =w-(ho)-qan-pa ne

Aynw ytah an(r)y : Y-ran-qarahte-e pyrqa no an ne-e- w-qo-y-so-ytah ani PA-TEQ qy an.Qataqana somo qy ne,qor-o-qa Roma nw-ye qan-py-qa-ta.

Q = K,W=U, Y=I ,P = B, = an= =an wa -...-... ytah-w-qo-w-sa-ra-ye qar ysay-qa an

Qw=an-aq-ne Andrw ,Sentay 仙台市 Poro Qotan Aynw ytah yay-a-e-paq-as-nw-ye-qar wa yn-qar ne-e.

Ta-ne Unilang Aynw ytah qan-py-qa-ta so an wa w^sa saq-o-qay an wa qor-o-qa tan pe w-qo-y-so-ytah pon-no an-pe y-nw an ne -e rwy w-qan-pa ne-e

ary-qy-qy ro ne
yay-a-papw en ram-w-saraq-qa

Re: How is Ainu popular enough to need its own forum?

Posted: 2018-01-27, 14:53
by kAnpINUye
księżycowy wrote:Your best bet for that would undoubtedly be Japanese materials. What about Though I'm sure that would cost some good dough.

I fiddled around with Ainu a year or two ago. Maybe if all goes well with Japanese I'll revisit it eventually.

syqama wa a-nw-yw-qar wa an qan-pa-qa-ta a-e-y-w-an-qe qar rw-we-ne-e wa a-nw-qar a-yan qy=an

Re: Ainu and Inuit (Yupik/Aleut) comparison

Posted: 2018-01-28, 13:16
by kAnpINUye
Tresi wrote:Ainu have no similarities to Escimo-Aleut people. qw=ea^y-w-an-qe qw=qy

Tresi an-aq-ne ory-paq Aynw ytah qan-py-qa-ta ani eas-qay qwn-pe an,qw-sw ne qw=nw rw-swy ne-e , wa no Wiki (w-sa-wsaq hosqy) an-aq-ne Noca Shamo qy Qamcatqa Qwryrw y-ram-w y-sam qa Alewt Qomandor repun Aynw yqyr wqo-wen an-pe qa -o-qay pe ne. :para:

Re: Romaji -> Ainu Katakana Converter

Posted: 2018-01-29, 10:17
by kAnpINUye
md0 wrote:Wow, congrats. It's great. You can't easily type the small katakana consonants even with a Japanese IME (only small ア行、ヤ行, ヮ, ヵ, and ヶ are available on my IME).
I tried the few words I know and no misconversions as far as I can tell.

PS. Speaking about IMEs, I think it's easy to develop a conversion machine for iBus. I think it uses python.

Apple OSX Aynw ytah o-hew-qe Roma ➙ Qataqana qar qy an ne-e.Roma nw-ye-p y-say-qa ne.

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-01-29, 10:31
by kAnpINUye
Meera wrote:I'm not sure if anyone watches NHK here, but recently they had some programs about Hokkaido and some information about Ainu and Ainu people. It was quite ineresting. I was looking for the videos to post here but I couldn't find them on yt.

NHK wa Aynw Pwry e-hos-qy an y-sam Tan NHK ta-qw-py po-qa e-ram-w-po-qy-wen wa

Re: Corrections in Ainu for Beginners

Posted: 2018-01-29, 10:42
by kAnpINUye
unzum wrote:
noir wrote:...hey btw, maybe we really deserve having Ainu forum now ;)

I totally agree, I'd post in it. I think Trapy is doing some of the Ainu lessons as well, so that's 3 people at least. ;)
I've just found an Ainu forum in Japanese actually, it looks pretty good.
Here's the link: アイヌ語について

Edit: Trapy, not rathpy. Sorry!

Re: Intermediate Ainu 12 Question words (4)

Posted: 2018-01-29, 11:09
by kAnpINUye
unzum wrote:Lesson 12: Question Words (4) Why?


カナダモシ エウン エ・アパ ハウェ
Kanada-mosir eun e=arpa hawe
I heard you went to Canada.

パ(ク・アパ) ワ ケ(ク・エ
karpa (ku=arpa) wa kek (ku=ek)
I went (and came back).

ヘマンタ クス
hemanta kusu
For what reason? / For what purpose?

オヤモシ ク・ヌカ ルスイ
oya-mosir ku=nukar rusuy
I wanted to see a foreign country.

カ シサペ エ・エ ア?
nepka si-sak-pe e=e a?
Did you eat anything unusual?


ポロンノ ケ(ク・エ)
poronno ke (ku=e)
I ate lots.


エウン – eun – To, towards, to there, the way
パ – arpa – To go, to depart
ヘマンタ – hemanta - What
オヤモシoya-mosir – Foreign country, abroad
ヌカnukar – To see, to look, to meet, to be visible
シサペ – si-sak-pe – Unusual thing, rare thing

Notes by Shigeru Kayano

When I went to Canada:

エアラキンネ ポロンノ ケラアンペ ケ(ク・エ) ワ ケ(ク・エ
e-arakin-ne poronno kera-anpe ke (ku=e) wa kek (ku=ek)
I went and ate lots of very delicious food.

One of the delicious things is porocep (a big fish).

アココタンタ アナネ チェポんコ
a-korko-tanta anakne cep-pon-korka
In my village the fish are small but...

When I went over there:

ポロチェプ シネ オッカヨ パクノカパセ アンポロシペ アン ケア ケア ワ ケ
poro-cep sine okkayo pakuno-kapase anporo-sipe an kea kea wa kek

Try translating the last sentence if you can!

Poro cep big fish sy -ne okkayo one full grown paq-no such qa-make do past true an=poro exist big an ke a ke a truly surprised women say qe qe kek I am cuming

Re: Ainu and Inuit (Yupik/Aleut) comparison

Posted: 2018-01-29, 11:22
by kAnpINUye
Tukkumminnguaq wrote:
noir wrote:Thank you for this posting, it indeed is interesting.. but I'm not sure if it makes much sense to compare Ainu with Basque? There is a Japanese linguist called Suzuko Tamura (田村すず子) who is a specialist in both Ainu and Basque, but I doubt she made much progress in exploring their relationships. (At least nothing in her bibliography)

Yes, but i see some they said Ainu are really weak comparison with Basque and
Inuit comparison Basque too even Japanese/Korean

Inuit/Yupik and Aleut related Uralic-Altaic, but i noticed my native inuit is very closely Japanese, Ainu and Korean than Uralic-Altaic

I read the books Inuit originally from Japan in some 12 thousand years ago. and Ainu more resembled Inuit's throat singing than Mongolian/Tuvan

I saw your profile you native Korean? cool now you founded out Inuit comparison with Korean? i will show you other times but one thing if im right the word 'heavy snow' is Pokseoul' as Inuit 'Piqsiq' means 'heavy snow/blizzard'


Son-no paq-no an ne -e Ynwyt se-qor an aq-ne wa Aynw ytah wa Qamcatqa WA Chwqchaw as Eas-qay an ne e Pyq syq !

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-09, 13:49
by AynwWpasqwma
Y-ran-qar-ah-te-e !pyr-qa no=an = Good greeting.Qw=an-aq-ne = ..' as for me I am... ' ,Aynw=Ainu (-in Sakhalin=Qarahto language) Wpasqwma or Wchasqoma =lesson ,lecture ,discussion W-qo-y-so c(h)a-ran-qe debate=W-pa-o-re.

My writing W=U, G,K=Q P=B ,i=y ,a(n) 'a' and =an are particles ( alternative any=ary as in ' A-nw-ye Aynw ytah(k) an(r)y ne ' = say/write in Aynw language.

note: - hyphen between letters y-sa-y-qa isaika many words are made up of 1 or 2 ,3 letter words and Grammatical particles, pre/a/suf-fixes especially a,e,i,o,u are dozens of meanings and functions,usages y-ran-qar-ap/h-te-e

For many years, often I have been interested in trying to learn (writing) Aynw = Ram-ma qan-na Aynw ytah an(r)y yay-a-e-paq-as-nw-y-(ye)-qar wa yn-qar qon-rw-sw-y =an ne -e (with many mistakes o/w-hew-qe/pa-y-qo-pa no=an rw-we-ne-e,so check it!

There many books and on-line materials see= a-nw-qar yan ne-e : ,but can not express what I want to write and have very little speaking and understanding experience, the only way is to write and write.

Now I volunteer to share my Aynw with 2 Japanese sometimes ,they say in Japanese w/ho-qan-pa difficult! ,not= so-mo easy = y-sa-y-qa. A Book ;ainu u-ko-y-so-itak conversation Japanese.. アイヌ語 go 会qay 話wa イiラraスswトto = illustrated 辞 jy (字) 典 ten ..,to ainu I S B N 4 - 8 7 6 6 1 - 1 0 6- 8 C 1 0 3 9 for kids ,compare Japanese to Ainu.some mistakes and spellings not clear # isayka and katakana above roman script so you can see how this will show the problems i.e.イiラraスswトto = illustrated!, patokaa =police patrol car! also with English ( ran out of funds and to say it was not proof read and so so good design ),Puffin -Apple app allow you to use it on iPhone.

Wiki talk on Ainu and many academic articles all good ,but I prefer learning with mistakes and learning to read ,write and speak and learn but nobody then we have to make a bilingual/ directional conversation phrase book dictionary for Ainu language learners ,researchers who know that speaking or using Ainu as a living language ,many Japanese blogs on Ainu use Japanese ! index vocabulary on all aspects on language and grammar terms,experimenting with coining and trying out word building phrases on par with Japanese

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-09, 16:12
by AynwWpasqwma
Y-ran-qar-ah-te-e ! pyr-qa no an ne-e Aynw ytah qan-py qa-ta wa w-qo-ytah-w-ch-as qw-ma /upaskoma no w-sa -o-qa-y English=En-ytah e-tar-qa qar-pa-te-q wa ne-e -qor-a-chy =an aq Aynw ytah Qataqana an(r)y wa Roman-nw-ye p =an wa pyrqa rw-we ne-e wa somo (wa o-hor te nep-qa o-py-cy te-e-ta Unilang Aynw sos p e-a-w-=an-qe qon-tom noy-ne wa na ..'no body seems to appear on this Ainu page for ages y-rw-o-qa-y ne :yep: na-no =an-pe rw-we-ne-e ,

( if ya-q-un a native were to read this ,they would find many mistakes.

but if you look at Bugaeva put Grammatical explanations " if-copula yakun= " if that is the case/if so ", -conjunction ,however in Ainu there is a word yak as in yaq -ka ,ya, and kun and un,so is yaq-wn or ya-qwn or no split on ' yakun '.

There is a strange phrase ; " e= niwkes ciki niwkes sekor ye = " If you cannot do it,say that you can't do it.,
then it is repeated. " " " " " " " " " then a glossary and then a parts of speech...
2sg if be.unable.of quote say/tell ,is it needed ? extra to remember !
and takes space ppx vt conj vt adv.conj vt

a number to indicate word for word or lines ,are used in many Japanese Grammars on English to show word order,however we can see that there is no word for word translation in 2 languages in a literal sense or a transliteration for long and complex phrases and we can find parts of other words se-kor ni-w-kes ci ki in other com-pounds but they make a new mean-ing .al-though I use - a hyphen to split the words I know and in English we can see o-the-r words in words i.e.,cannot can and not, in Ainu is -e-ay-qa-p ,can is e-as-qa-y ,not is somo ki is do but ci-ki is if ,yak Ainu has many words with many functions meanings iteki y-te-qy do not pa-te-q to much ,only

Korea koroka can be subtle

2sg second person singular,A=transitive subject ppx person-al pre-fix

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-12, 13:11
by AynwWpasqwma
"Aynw ytah an ro" lets do! Hem=an-ta .2012.. 2017 pa ...2018 Hoqqayto=Aynw Mosyr 🗣haw-as👂y-nw👍pyr-qa ne-e wa🏅O-non-no👏🏼.W-ho-qan-pa ne-e ! -Aynw ytah=an en-e-ye-e-as-qay wa? ram-ma qan-na⛹ qy wa qy ✍️a-nw-qar📝🔎wa 📚o-ro-ytah 📖 qes-to-qes-to🗓😴sin-qy ,ram-w-ry-ten☺️

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-18, 19:05
by Karavinka
It's kind of barely legible, but what is this orthography? Is this your own spelling system or something? If that's the case, please use a more normative form because this is not a place to share ideas for spelling reforms.


Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-24, 0:55
by AynwWpasqwma
🖥Qompwta🔎hw-na-ra 🖱,jp📕📖=Tap-ne an-qor 💡poro =an🔑blog - "kes-to =an qor kes-to kes-to te or ta ne no nep ka ku=nuye kusne na."
" aynuitakeyaypakasnu zemi blog

aynuitakeyaypakasnu zemi utari patek uekarpa_hi ne ruwe ne.or_ta aynu itak eraman kur patek inkar easkay.
Hoski 28/10/2005

" onono !! :P opitta totekno es=(esi)=okay ruwe? poronno inuye =an ro !

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-24, 1:59
by AynwWpasqwma
Karavinka wrote:It's kind of barely legible, but what is this orthography? Is this your own spelling system or something? If that's the case, please use a more normative form because this is not a place to share ideas for spelling reforms.


There is no agreed viable writing system for Ainu yet ,as I stated k,g,q is the same and " Koro or Kor-o ,kore Kor-e "is not clear because the final e or o is either a Japanese wayコロ,ころ and コレ,これ ,or a particle ,see BAT, A2E ,babel ,Kor-o-ka ,Kor,a (=an) chi ,there are many many 1,2,3,4 letter words and part-icles in Ainu joined to make a word ,there fore Iwould like to show them with hyphens ' kor-a-chi ,.kor =to have ' ,and has many meanings depending on pre or su-ffixes of words or particles 'a can be a short form of =an = to be ' ,exist and has many meanings depending on pre or su-ffixes of words or particles chi also I have collected hundreds of these combinations ,because of fewer speakers and usage and almost very little written Aynw in roman ..,this is a diary blog from ... 07-08.html

aynuitakeyaypakasnu ( Aynu itak e yay pakas nu ) ,Zemi =seminar utari patek ue(we)karpa -hi ne ruwe ne or ta aynu itak eraman kur patek inkar easkay

by pirka urespa

kamiyasi ek...
an=zemi kiyannekur, Sinci T○T○S○T○ ku=cise or ta ek kusu
kunnano hempano ku=hopuni yak eas.

sonno ku=mokonrusuy...

ku=oruspe sinnayno an korka
ramnusa asinno an=kanpinuye itak eiwanke wa
an=nuye ことは sonno pasi sekor yaynu.

kanito or ta inuye kur...
anak zemikorkur ne ruwe ne.
tanto tokanipe ox ta AIU utar unukar=an ruwe ne.
ne _hi ta nekon an monrayke=an kusne ya? を決めました。
kunnecup to ox ta AIU utar na unukar=an wa, GAKUSAI an=eukoitak nankor wa.
tanto ka es=sinki sir ne..kusu, pirkano sini yan! orowano oya iwanto ka toyarikiki=an ro!

※nep ka 直しすyak pirka _hi an pe anak itak wa en=kore yan!

The person ' pirka urespa' Japanese or hafu or Ainu is translating from Japanese "を決めました。" =Oshitchiu; ramu-oshitchiure,from( see BAT, A2E ,babel ),did not know the meaning ' decide '=Ram-u- o-shit-chi u-re ,those who were first native language Ainu would know a simple word "decide '=Ram-u- o-shit-chi u-re' ,although I was born in Sheffield and so called educated in English ,(fake)-English is not my native or thinking language ,I felt more natural in Danelog-Norrerna ,Følere mig nærmere aa for å førstaaes jeg.

Roman,like any script will distort spoken words just see how spelling and pronunciation is a mess in English!

Re: Ainu

Posted: 2018-04-24, 4:31
by AynwWpasqwma
If you want to find Quasi-Japanese-Aynu read ,contemporary conditions of Ainu,or Esaman 6th アイヌイタクアンロ,There a lot of disinformation by Japanese, Aynu,Academic scholars,Gayjyn ,even by me ! blogs forums.