[Ainu] Fluent Speakers

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[Ainu] Fluent Speakers

Postby Ciarán12 » 2012-01-05, 5:03

I know that the Ainu language has very few native speakers anymore, and so the chances of coming across one are slim to none, but from the impression I get from reading around there seems to be a growing interest in taking up the language amongst Ainus in Hokkaido. So does anyone know roughly how many advanced/fluent second language speakers there are? And does anyone know any of them or has anyone spoken to any of them before?

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Re: [Ainu] Fluent Speakers

Postby Tresi » 2013-11-08, 20:11

about 600 people can speak Ainu quite fluent

http://tresi-nonno.blogspot.com/2011/10 ... guage.html

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