Any language which does not have a specific forum can have a thread made for it here.
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Postby aaliyah_04 » 2011-12-15, 4:49

hello, im new here and i really like this site. i like to know different languages. i know a little Spanish. Buenas Dias. i hope ill be able to learn more here. thanks

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Re: Filipino

Postby Riptide » 2011-12-15, 22:58

Hey aaliyah_04! Welcome to Unilang. If you're looking for the Filipino forum, it's right here: Typically topics in this forum are for languages other than the ones we have subforums for, but anything related to Filipino (and other dialects) can be found if you click on the link. Sana mag-enjoy ka!

P.S. Nag-aaral ako ng Tagalog ngayon kasi taga-Pilipinas ang nanay mo. :)
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