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Re: Kaszubski/Kaszëbsczi

Postby hauteville » 2014-10-18, 23:38

It's been a long time, huh? During the last few months I found a set of resources that could be quite helpful in learnig Kashubian and I would be happy to share it with you, especially because of relative scarcity of materials.

Th first one is Polish-Kashubian dictionary by Eugeniusz Gołąbek - http://www.skarbnicakaszubska.pl/slownik-polsko-kaszubski-csb. It was edited according to the newest ortographical rules of modern standardized language approved by Rada jãzeka kaszëbszegò (the official institution responsible for the development and standarization of Kashubian) . The Rada itself has also created a special service website - http://rjk.org.pl/ - where they can answer any question involving Kashubian you want to make,

There's also one very interesting website, founded by a group of young Kashubian students where you can find parodies of the most famous soap operas with Polish subtitles - http://www.tujenaszazemia.pl/filmy/62/godome-po-kaszebsku.html. For me it was one of the most amazing discoveries on the web since it had been always very hard to find any set of Kashubian audio recordings (not to mention the video). The episodes of "Tu je nasza zemia" are also full of the particular sense of humour which can guarantee that you cannot be bored with them - what is, unfortunately, quite unique when it comes to endangered languages. The other resource worth mentioning is the newspaper "Pomerania" which has right now about 120 various recording (from weather forecast to modern novels) in Kashubian - http://www.miesiecznikpomerania.pl/audio.

Pretty interesting is also the revival of Kashubian literature - in 2013 was published the first post-war novel written originally in Kashubian. "Namerkôny" by ArturJabłonsczi is a book that guides us through the last 100 years of Pomeranian history and tells much of the Kashubian self-identity, the difference between Polish and Kashubian perception of the political reality, reading which was, at least for me, an interesting experience. The fragments of the book are available in audio format as well on the webiste of the local radio station - http://radiokaszebe.pl/namerkony-posluchaj-fragmentow-powiesci/.

So feel free to hear and read Kashubian :) And if you have some other resources, please share it with us!

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Re: Kaszubski/Kaszëbsczi

Postby Saim » 2015-03-26, 10:10

Dziękuję hauteville. Jeszcze nie uczę się kaszubskiego, ale kiedy będę lepiej mówił po polsku, to zacznę. :)

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