Kalmyk (Хальмг келн)

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Kalmyk (Хальмг келн)

Postby zhiguli » 2007-03-23, 7:17

not really studying this language but will be posting here as time permits.

instead of writing a big long introduction, i'll direct you to the wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalmyk_language

kalmyk is related to mongolian so if you happen to know this language..you'll have a good head-start.

the alphabet: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/kalmyk.htm

and some important links






textbook for buryat (another closely-related language):


kalmyk shoutcast radio:
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Postby zhiguli » 2007-04-10, 8:14

another site, created by a native speaker of kalmyk (and probably the most detailed on the net):


stories, texts, a fairly large world list, some grammatical papers, and most importantly - sound files.

another thing i should mention with regard to the discrepancies in the sound values given on the omniglot and wikipedia pages - the omniglot site afaik is correct. the sound values given in the wikipedia article seem to have been copied over from mongolian, whose sound system (especially where the vowels are concerned) is rather different.

so now a little bit about the language itself.


би i
чи you (sg)
эн (энтн) this
тер (тертн) that (the latter two can be used to mean he/she/it)
бидн we
та (тадн) you (pl)
эдн these
тедн those

энд here
тенд there
альд (хама) where?
кен who?
ю what?

people/kinship terms:
эцк father
эк mother
дү brother
эгч sister
аав (paternal) grandfather​
ээҗ (paternal) grandmother
наһц-аав (maternal) grandfather
наһц-ээҗ (maternal) grandmother
көвүн boy
күүкн girl

genitive case is generally formed by the suffix -ин
тер аав - эцкин эцк. that is grandfather - father's father.
pronouns are exceptions:
мини my
чини your
мана our
тана (тадна) your
эн > энүнә
тер > терүнә

эн мини дегтр this is my book
тер бичг энүнә that is his letter

locative case is -д (sometimes -т):
школ school - школд at school

эн кемб? who is that?
эн юмб? what is that?
эдн кемб? who are they?
эдн эгч, дү хойр. they are a sister and a brother
эдн альд? where are they?
эдн энд. they are here.
эдн тенд. they are there.
эдн школд. they are at school.

"and" can be expressed in two ways:
with the word хойр (literally "two")​ after the second noun
эдн эгч, дү хойр.
or with the word болн
эн санл болн кеемә this is sanl and keema (personal names)

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Re: Kalmyk (Хальмг келн)

Postby zhiguli » 2009-08-13, 3:52

Some more resources for those dying to learn this language (and I know there are many of you...):

English(!)-Russian-Kalmyk Phrasebook (scroll down for the download links:

Англь-хальмг-орс күндврч

The textbook by Darvaev:
Самоучитель калмыцкого языка

and some grammars and dictionaries.

And a snippet of a Kalmyk TV show:


edit: aaand...a site with streaming radio in Kalmyk (and other minority languages of Russia, like Khanty, Khakass, Mari, Udmurt, etc):


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