Zulu Grammar

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Zulu Grammar

Postby Gonzo » 2016-02-17, 7:49

Hi, could someone explain to me what Zulu grammar is like? For instance, is there masculine, feminie and neuter? I'm guessing neuter probably doesn't exist in most African languages - I mostly see them in European languages. What about it's prepositions? I always find those the hardest to pin down in a language. As I understand it, nouns have class stems for singular or plural. Is there any additional complexity, like declensions? Verbs, I get how they are formed, but as for their verb forms, how many are there? Would one say that Zulu is a complex or more simple language? Is it regular or irregular? What about syntax? Basically, I just want to gauge the language before I decide to learn it or not.

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Re: Zulu Grammar

Postby Massimiliano B » 2016-02-28, 11:09

Dette er nemlig Formelen, som beskriver Selvets Tilstand, naar Fortvivlelsen ganske er udryddet: i at forholde sig til sig selv, og i at ville være sig selv grunder Selvet gjennemsigtigt i den Magt, som satte det. (This is namely the formula, that describes the condition of the self, when despair is completely eradicated: by relating itself to itself, and by willing to be itself, the self is grounded transparently in the power which constituted it) (Søren Kierkegaard, The sickness unto death)

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