Tem / Kotokoli

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Tem / Kotokoli

Postby Mulan » 2013-08-02, 12:27

does anybody know (about) Tem resp. Kotokoli, one of the main languages in Togo?

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Re: Tem / Kotokoli

Postby Linguaphile » 2019-07-04, 4:18

I realize this thread is really old and the person who asked the question hasn't posted here in years, but in case anyone else finds this thread while looking for information about this language, here are some resources in English and in French:

Tɔ́m bíya kpeewú (Dictionnaire tem-français)
Tɔ́m bíya kpeewú (Dictionnaire français-tem)

Tem Oral Proficiency (Peace Corps Language Materials)

Ouro tchabu: Kotokoli Tem Language on Blogspot and Twitter
Parlons Tem on Facebook

Petit Manuel Pratique de Kotokoli

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Tem (with audio)
Part of the Bible in Tem

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