[Swahili] Mchezo wa tafsiri ya sentensi

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Re: [Swahili] Mchezo wa tafsiri ya sentensi

Postby SwahiliAdventurer » 2019-03-27, 23:03

vijayjohn wrote:Sipendi malimau, lakini ninapenda matofaa.

I'm drinking water.

Ninakunywa maji.

Sarah anampenda mumewe.

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Re: [Swahili] Mchezo wa tafsiri ya sentensi

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-11-21, 1:42

Sarah loves her husband.

(You're actually supposed to give a sentence in English for the next person to translate into Swahili, though, not the other way around :)).

Do you speak Swahili?

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