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Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2013-03-22, 19:15
by zafeyry
I didn't find a board specifically for Zulu, so I decided to make my own. I've recently begun to start learning the language, and if anybody has any good resources feel free to share!

For the past few days, I've been learning the months, so I might as well post them here.



Re: Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2013-03-22, 22:22
by księżycowy
If I may cut in, what are you using to learn it?

Re: Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2013-03-23, 17:55
by zafeyry
Right now, I'm using Complete Zulu: Teach Yourself and I live near Yale, so I might go to their library because they have a lot of Zulu resources.

Re: Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2013-03-25, 0:41
by księżycowy
I have the same book.

If you come across any other good Zulu resources, please share! I've been interested in Zulu for quite a while. I'm not planning to learn it anytime soon, but hopefully one day. :wink:

Re: Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2013-05-11, 22:04
by zafeyry
Recently, I've found a great website that helps with pronunciation a lot. It can be found here:

Re: Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2013-12-08, 22:23
by ennime
The months you have posted ae the original traditional names, which arent't use really (except with older people perhaps in rural reads)

I daresay, most native Zulu speakers in urban areas wouldn't even know these anymore. Mostly English names ae used, but spelled "zulufied". E.g. JAnuary

Re: Zulu (isiZulu)

Posted: 2015-09-19, 20:34
by mila-ya

Can anyone help with translation of a zulu lulaby? The text in the score goes like this:

Thula thul, thula baba, thula sana;
thul’ u bab’uzo fika eku seni;
kukh’in kanyezi ziholel’ u baba,
zimkhan yisela indlel’e ziyekhaya
sobe sikhona xa bonke beshoyo,
bethi buyela ubuye lekhaya.
Tula thula, thula baba
Thula san.

I tried to find translation on the web and used as a dictionary. I suspect the text in the score is with mistakes. This text from web ( seems quite good, but I cannot understand the syntax and the logic of the last two lines.

Thula thul, thula baba, thula sana,
Thul'ubab uzobuya, ekuseni.
Kukh'inkanyezi, zi-holel' ubaba,
Zimkhanyisela indlel'e ziyak-haya,
Sobe sikhona ka bonke bashoyo,
Bayathi buyela. Ubuye le khaya.

As far as I could understand it goes like this:

Hush, baby, hush baby (baba = baby?)
Hush, father will arrive in the morning.
There is a star that will lead the father, (star or stars?)
It will brighten for him the road home, ('yisela' — does it mean 'for him'? 'ziyak-haya' — is the spelling correct?)
We will be there everyone [together?] ('beshoyo' or 'bashoyo' and what is it? 'xa' or 'ka' and what is it?)
? he will return home. ('bethi' or 'bayathi' and what is it? 'buyela', 'ubuye' — can't understand what forms are they)

There are also some different text versions on youtube, in one of them the 3rd and 4th lines are (as far as I can hear):
Kukh’ inkanyezi ekanyel ubaa,
ekanyel umama, ekanyel usana.
Does it mean 'There's a star that shines for the father, shines for the mother, shines for the baby'?

Many thanks for any help!