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Postby Æxylis » 2009-12-03, 8:17

I've been interested in trying to learn a little bit about this language lately as it fascinates me.
Does anything know anything about it or where I may be able to obtain some resources on the language?
In case you don't know what language Khoikhoi is, it's commonly known as Hottentot and comprises the "khoi" part of the Khoisan language family. (san being the name for the language that's spoken by the "bushmen" people) It is commonly known for it's use of clicks... one of the main reasons it fascinates me :D
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Re: khoikhoi

Postby unzum » 2009-12-11, 15:12

Have you seen the youtube videos teaching a bit of Khoikhoi? Nice for getting an idea of how it sounds.
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Re: khoikhoi

Postby Massimiliano B » 2020-06-10, 16:32

In these sites there is some learning material for Khoikhoi (also Khoekhoegowab or Nama): ... o-journal/

You can find here also a short "Teach yourself Nama". ... l-67647986 (Peace Corps language course)

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